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Project Overview: Motiva PhysioClient BackgroundClient: Motiva PhysioIndustry: Healthcare (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation)Motiva Physio is a reputable physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic dedicated to providing top-notch services to patients seeking recovery and improved physical health. The clinic aims to be a leading provider in its field, ensuring patients receive the best care and support throughout their rehabilitation journey.

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Motiva Physio


Nov 02, 2023


Design, Website layout, Rebranding, Letterhead, Folder

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Project Objectives

Motiva Physio approached us with a need to rebrand their marketing collaterals, create new materials to enhance their brand identity, and rebrand their website to reflect their updated professional image. The primary objectives of this project were:

  1. Ensure Consistency in Brand Identity: All materials created needed to reflect a cohesive and professional brand image that aligns with Motiva Physio’s values and mission.
  2. Support and Improve Patient Referral Processes: Design and produce materials that facilitate an increase in patient referrals from physicians and other healthcare providers.
  3. Enhance Patient Engagement: Develop marketing collaterals that engage current and potential patients, encouraging them to choose Motiva Physio for their physical therapy needs.
  4. Website Rebranding: Update and rebrand the website to provide a user-friendly experience that accurately represents Motiva Physio's services and values.

Project Deliverables

To achieve the project objectives, we delivered the following materials:

  1. Rebranded Folder:
    • A sleek, professionally designed folder that holds all relevant patient information and marketing materials.
    • The folder features the Motiva Physio logo, colors, and brand elements to ensure consistency.
  2. Letterhead:
    • Custom-designed letterhead for all official correspondence.
    • The design integrates the clinic’s branding elements, providing a professional look and feel.
  3. Physician Referral Notepad:
    • A practical notepad for physicians to use when referring patients to Motiva Physio.
    • The notepad includes fields for patient information, referral details, and physician contact information.
    • The design is clean and user-friendly, ensuring it is convenient for physicians to use.
  4. Website Rebranding:
    • A comprehensive redesign of the Motiva Physio website to align with the new brand identity.
    • Improved user experience with intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and accessible information on services, staff, and contact details.
    • Integration of responsive design to ensure the website is mobile-friendly and easily accessible on all devices.
    • Enhanced visual appeal with updated graphics, images, and layout that reflect the clinic’s professional and caring approach.

Design and Branding Approach

Our approach to the design and branding for Motiva Physio focused on creating a unified and professional appearance across all materials. Key elements of our design strategy included:

  • Consistent Use of Colors and Logo: Ensuring that the Motiva Physio logo and color palette were consistently applied across all materials to reinforce brand recognition.
  • Clean and Professional Layouts: Utilizing clean, professional layouts that are easy to read and visually appealing.
  • High-Quality Materials: Selecting high-quality paper and printing techniques to enhance the perceived value and professionalism of the materials.
  • User-Centered Website Design: Focusing on user experience by creating an intuitive and engaging website that meets the needs of current and potential patients.


The rebranded marketing collaterals, physician referral notepad, and website have been well-received by both Motiva Physio and their referring physicians. The consistent and professional branding has helped to improve the clinic’s image, and the new materials have supported an increase in patient referrals. The updated website has enhanced patient engagement, making it easier for patients to access information and services. Motiva Physio is now better equipped to engage with patients and healthcare providers, reinforcing their position as a trusted leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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